Reg. Charities No. 510310


Our Charity proudly looks after the local hospitals providing them with specialist equipment through donations made to us.

Our charity primarily purchases equipment for the Lincoln County Hospital including various departments associated with the hospital. We also provide equipment to other hospitals including St Barnabas Hospice and Mental Health and Learning Disability Services.

The Association's History

The charity was established in 1948 to coincide with the birth of the National Health Service.

Originally our charity was funded solely through the contributions generously made by the local industry employees in Lincoln. At the end of every week these workers would donate one penny, in old money, from their wages towards patient care in hospital.

Unfortunately in recent years as the heavy industries began to relocate from Lincoln, contributions started to wane and as such our ability to aid the hospitals in Lincoln was threatened.

However thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our chairman, Mrs Fletcher, we are still able to continue with our work.

The Association's Kiosk

The Kiosk is situated at the Lincoln County Hospital within the entrance to the Outpatient’s Department on level three.

The Kiosk is solely manned completely by volunteers who sell newspapers, cold drinks, biscuits, confectionary and gifts.

Membership forms are available from the Kiosk and further advice about the association and membership is available from the volunteers.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday

9:30am - 4:00pm


Any questions? Please feel free to use the form below to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Please follow the link below to find articles about the life of the charity, events that are occurring also an in-depth look into the purchases we have made.


We have purchased a lot of equipment for the hospital thanks to the generosity of our donors. Please follow the link below to see what we have recently purchased


We are proud of the work we do and are always looking for people who want to make a difference to both the charity and the hospital.

By joining our charity you will be given the opportunity to join our Committee, where you will be able to help decide where the donations are invested into the hospital, as well as how to organize our volunteers and our fundraising schemes.

In addition to this you will have the opportunity to take part in the volunteering that our charity does for the hospital. This primarily involves the running of our Kiosk situated in the Lincoln County Hospital.

If you would like to join our family we have various options availiable for you to choose from.

Ordinary Membership


Corporate Membership


These are our annual memberships. The prices listed above are incurred annually.

Lifetime Membership


Lifetime Membership (Over-65s )


These are our lifetime memberships. The prices listed above are a one-off payment.

If you would like to join our charity and become a member use the link below to download our membership form and send it to Friends of Lincoln Hospitals Association, Streets & Co, Lucy Tower Street, Lincoln, LN1 1XW including a cheque payable to Friends of the Lincoln Hospitals Association.